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    Question about dates on graph

    Paolo Sacco

      hi everyone,

      I've a db with the number of employees divided per month

      dates are stored with the format MM-YY

      i would like to sum in one graph the total of employees belonging to the last updated month.


      the title of the page is : Date(Max([DB Headcount.Validity Date]), 'MM-YY') and it shows me correctly "12-17"

      If i use the function

      Sum({$<[DB Headcount.Validity Date]={"12-17"}>}[DB Headcount.HC])


      the graph works correctly


      but the following function within the same graph doesn't work:


      Sum({$<[DB Headcount.Validity Date]={"Date(Max([DB Headcount.Validity Date],'MM-YY'))"}>}[DB Headcount.HC])


      any clue?