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    Duplicate Nprinting Report

    Eldred Guevara

      Good afternoon The report that I have worked I need to duplicate it to use one as tests and another as the original version.

      There is some way to duplicate the report that is already created in Nprinting.

      I have Nprinting

      nprinting 1.png

      Can you help me please?


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          Ruggero Piccoli



          Upgrade your Qlik NPrinting installation at least at September 2017 (November is better). September 2017 is the first version with the report import and export feature. From the release notes:

          Import and export report templates

          It is possible to export a report into a compressed file and import it into a different installation of Qlik NPrinting 17. This is useful when you have separate development and production servers. Upgraded reports can be replaced in the final destination.

          Exported compressed files also contain other information related to the report, like users and filters.

          So you can export your report and import it as a new one.



          Best Regards,



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            Mrutyunjaya Hiremath


            Please follow the below steps to create a Duplicate Report:

            Step1: Export the existing 'Report' by clicking on the settings button in 'actions' tab.

            You can also export by clicking a particular report name - you will have an option  next to 'edit template' button


            The exported report will be stored as a ZIP file. It will also trigger you to make it password protected.

            Its your choice to make it password protected or simply press 'Download' button.



            Step 2: Import the exported report by using 'import report' button



            While importing it will ask you to

            - Change the existing Report Name (to avoid duplicate reports)

            - Also enter a password (if it is password protected)


            Step3: The imported report can be modified / add filter with existing set of sheets / objects aligned as is.


            Hope this helps.