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    What a customer orders next qliksense

    Joanna Seldon



      I have a table that contain data of customers that order products from different departments


      ID    date            department  ordernumber

      1  01/01/2009  bakery            1

      01/01/2009  clothing          1

      3  01/01/2009  living               1

      01/01/2009  comms           1

      05/01/2009  bakery             2

      07/01/2009  clothing          2

      01/01/2009  bakery             1


      I have a chart showing number of orders made for each department


      How do I on a second chart show if I filter on a department  show the next department they ordered from


      As at the moment if I pick bakery on the top chart


      It shows bakery only for second orders on the second chart.. I want to show which department they ordered next from


      Basically show trend where a customer orders next from


      Please help