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    Page Level Permissions

    Matt McIlvride

      I have many apps in Qlik Sense that use pivot tables. I need to distribute this data in NPrinting, but NPrinting can't handle pivot tables. The only solution I have found is to recreate the pivot tables as straight tables in the app. However, I want users of these apps to still see pivot tables.


      My solution is to create a sheet on each app called "RawData" that would include straight table versions of the pivot tables in the app. However, I would like to hide all sheets named "RawData" from end users to keep things clean.


      My first question: is this a reasonable solution, or is there a simpler method to getting pivot tables into NPrinting?


      If this solution is reasonable, how do I create page level permissions?


      Currently, I have set up security rules in the QMC according to this guide: How To Set Up Qlik Sense QMC Permissions In 20 Minutes (with Screenshots)


      I have read this guide on page level permissions: Sheet or App Object Level Security Qlik Sense and while it seems to do the job, it sets up permissions differently than I have them.


      This thread looks the most promising:Sheet level Section Access in Qlik Sense ?? but I am unsure how to implement it in the context of my current rules.