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    NPRINTING color pixel issue (PDF reports)

    Satish Kurra



      NPRINTING version 16 SR 6

      Settings in User Preferences QlikView desktop version 12 SR 5

      1. Check "Charts" option

      2. Clipboard Zoom 400%


      I'm currently printing qlikview reports in NPRINTING (Power point) and all is going well so far


      Refer 1 image attached image for this (This image looks really good in terms of color pixel)


      Now if i save the power point report as Save to PDF, I'm not getting the same result in terms of color pixel (Refer 2 image attached)


      I even tried using pixel perfect, excel report templates option as well.


      No matter what it is, I'm not able to get the desired result in terms of color pixel.


      Request to please help