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    Alternative for Synchronised Scrolling in 2 Charts in QlikView

    Kuldeep Rana

      Hi Team,


      My Requirement is to show Images, Also show Link to View the Stored Images separately and also to be able to Select Images which the User Desire.


      I have Hundreds of Images which are stored on a Local Server Drive and I have used Straight Table to get Images and also the Link to View Images separately but I am not able to Select Multiple Images with a Ctrl function. Image we wanting to Select First and 200th Image which is not possible using this Straight Table. Giving a List Box to Select the Image makes no Business sense since it would have a Non-Business Name like 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and hence cannot be Selected based on ImageName.


      So, I used a List Box which will have ImageName represented as LED Checkbox and the Actual Image. I then placed the Link in a separate Straight Table and kept these these Controls beside each other. From the Post Simultaneous Scrolling in two charts I understand that Gysbert has replied that It is not Possible. However, Can you kindly look at my Dummy example attached alongwith and suggest if I could have some alternatives to achieve this Requirement .


      Attaching the DummyData_Images&URL&CheckBox.qvw and the 8 Dummy Images I used. Kindly consider to help me.