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    Change colorvalue in predefined variable using the FieldIndex statement

    Maria Poulsen

      Hi everyone


      I have a problem getting an expression to be valid.


      I have defined some color-variables which I can use by typing



      This variable contains the color code: ARGB(255,141,170,203)


      But if I want the color value to be dynamic, so instead of typing color 4 in the statement above, I want to call a numeric value, which I get from this statement:

         =FieldIndex('Fakultet', 'Humaniora') --> 4


      How do I do that`?


      I tried something like:


         =$(vGrafFarve&FieldIndex('Fakultet', 'Humaniora'))


        ='$(vGrafFarve'&FieldIndex('Fakultet', 'Humaniora')'&')'


      But none of it works.


      Kind Regards