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    alvinford ford

      Hi Friends,


      I have a simple requirement ...


      How to use len function in Macro...


      if the Len of ItemNo = 0 I have to display a message that "You have Items with No.Name".


      How to achieve this ....




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          Erich Shiino

          It depends on what is ItemNo.... How do you want to trigger it?


          A general syntax would be like this


          sub Message

          if( len(ItemNo)=0) then

               msgbox "You have items with No. Name"


          end if


          end sub

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              alvinford ford

              Hi Erich,


              Thanks for Your Reply ..


              Sorry  I am not clear on my requirement in the above post .


              I have a Graph.. User can see it by clicking on the button. But before clicking on the button the User should select the ItemNo. If the User Clicks on the button with out selecting the Item No. A Message should POP up that "Please select the Item No". If the User Selects the ItemNo and Clicks on the button the message should not display .


              This is my requirement