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    App Migration

    Prasad Swarna

      Does any one can provide steps to migrate the Qlik Application built on QLIKCLOUD to the Enterprise QlikSense Instance.


      Appreciate any help



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          Digvijay Singh

          May be as below-

          1. Right click on the app in the qlik cloud and download the app.

          2. Go to QMC and open Apps from left menu

          3. Qlik on the import button available in the bottom.

          4. App will be available in the work folder which can be edited, published as needed.

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Prasad - Digvijay - has the right approach - but you would also need to edit the app and add the connections in as the connections used in Qlik Sense Cloud would not be the same as in Enterprise . so you would need to reestablish the connection to the source in the app (Folder, DBMS, ODCB, etc.) - providing you want to refresh that data in the app that you migrated.


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            Mike T