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    Possible to use a formula for an Excel tab name (NPrinting)?

    Michael Reagan

      Morning -


      Is it possible to use a formula or variable for a tab name for an Excel sheet with NPrinting? I'm trying to base the name based on the day the report is run:


      =If(Only({1<FullDate = {'$(=Today())'}>}Cal.DayNameAbbr) = 'Mon','Last Week', 'Week to Date')


      I've tried it as both a formula and a variable using <tab>  but without luck.


      I'm using NPrinting 16.6.





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          Ruggero Piccoli



          No, you cannot use Formulas or Variables in Excel report tabs.


          Qlik NPrinting 16.6 supports VBA macros (in the meaning that the VBA source code is copied from the template to all the generated reports) so you could drag and drop a Formula or a Variable in a hidden worksheet, write a macro that copy the value in the tab and trigger that macro on file opening.

          I have not tested this solution, so I'm not 100% sure that it works.


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