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    Set Analysis Syntax Issue (Qlik Sense 3.2)?

    William Christensen

      I have an issue where my set analysis formulas occasionally require tweaking for some preposterous reason.


      Example 1: count({<SurgeryDate=${'>=(vStartOfCurrentFiscalYear)'} >} ID) /*filters as expected*/

      Example 2: count({<Contact_Date=${'>=(vStartOfCurrentFiscalYear)'} >} ID) /*doesn’t filter; returns entire dataset*/

      Example 3: count({<Contact_Date={'>=$(=$(vStartOfCurrentFiscalYear))'} >} ID) /*filters as desired but requires additional prepping */


      I can eventually get the data to appear as I want with the method of trial and error. Why isn’t the syntax consistent? The only difference between Example 1 and Example 2 is the name of the various date fields, so why do I need to perform the alternate extra dollar sign expansion syntax? Worst case scenario when I can't get it to work in Qlik I can always use SQL but I would really like to learn the elusive mysteries of Qlik Sense 3.2. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated!


      Image result for trial and error meme