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    Effects of disabling Standard Mode in Qlik Sense

    Rajarshi Guin

      Hi All,


      We were trying to send mail notification using the Qlik Web Connector. We were able to send mail using the connector. However, we found that if we want to send mails to ad-hoc email IDs using the Qlik Sense script we have to modify the URL generated in Web Connector during running the script. We also found that in order to do that we need to first disable 'Standard Mode' in Qlik Sense. We found that disabling 'Standard Mode' causes a security risk by exposing the file system. However, we would like to know more in details about the effects and risks of disabling 'Standard Mode'.


      So, can anyone please let us know in details what are the effects of disabling 'Standard Mode' in Qlik Sense.


      thanks and Regards,

      Rajarshi Guin