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    Can we track how many times the Application is reloaded in a day?

    omar bensalem

      Hi guys ( stalwar1) ; I wanted to know is there a way to track how many times an application is reloaded in a single day?


      In fact, what I'm doing is creating an application to finally store a table into a csv file like follow:


      FileName-AsOfDate 2018-02-08


      Normally, each day, we create one file; but if the users demand to reload the application a second and a thrid time;

      I want to create 2 new files as follow:

      FileName-AsOfDate 2018-02-08 V2 (V2=> 2 nd reload of the day)

      FileName-AsOfDate 2018-02-08 V3 => 3 rd reload of the day)

      is there a way to achieve this?