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    Eliminate Current Month

    Selva A

      Hi Team,


      I have req like exclude the current month while calculate the average ref lines




      If i selected a year 2018 (Jul 2017 to Feb 18 ) will come .


      Total counts = 112 (Include feb 18). But I want to  exclude feb 18 while adding ref lines


      At the same time it won't affect rest of the previous years


      My expression  :Count({$<[Group] = {'dfgdg'}>} DISTINCT xyz ))  it will return 112


      Here how can i exclude feb ?





      REF line expression is :  


      Count({$<[Group] = {'dfgdg'}>} DISTINCT xyz ))  / Count ([Year Month])



      if i remove the feb in the calculation avg line should b 15.9


      Please help on this