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    Sheet Level Section Access isn't working

    Mohan Kumar

      Hello Qliker's,


      I'm trying to implement the sheet level section access to the application published on our client server. I created the security rule having the logic sheets name like "ZSM" shall only be displayed to the certain group and other shall view the sheets which doesn't have the sheet name like "ZSM".


      I applied the following rule which isn't successful. Please review my security rule below,

      ((resource.id="App ID") and (user.@User_Type="Restricted User" and resource.name like "ZSM") or (user.@User_Type="Users" or resource.name!="Customer Analysis - ZSM" and resource.name!="Customer Details - ZSM" and resource.name!="Dashboard - ZSM" and resource.name!="Order Analysis - ZSM" and resource.name!="Target Analysis - ZSM"))


      Please help, kindly help if I should follow any other steps in security rule.


      Best Regards,