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    Email format problems when paste in Input Field

    Sergejs Kazakevics



      I have some problems with email address formats. I've got an Input Field in my app where users are pasting lists of emails separated by commas and get the  Straight Table with the results. Everything works fine. But if there is at least one email in a.aaa@b-bbb.com or aaa@b-bbb.co.uk format (with minus at the second part of email address) the table doesnt show anything at all.

      For Example:

      Successful case when user paste this list of emails in Input Field:

      aaa@bbb.com, a.bbb@zzz.com, a.bbbb@cccc.co.uk


      Unsuccessful case when user paste this list of emails:

      aaa@bbb.com, a.aaa@bbb.com, a.aaa@bbb.co.uk, a.aaa@b-bbb.com


      How to avoid this problem?


      Any ideas will be helpful.


      Best Regards,