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    Difference in summed values

    scott dealtrey

      Hi, I am trying to do some calculations of some GL codes, but I am getting different values depending on how I write the function.


      The two ways I was writing the function are as follows -


      sum({<GL_NBR={'*90115-*','*90210-*','*90220-*','*90225-*','*90230-*'}>} "GL_BAL_01" + "GL_BAL_02")




      sum({<GL_NBR={'*90115-*','*90210-*','*90220-*','*90225-*','*90230-*'}>} "GL_BAL_01")


      sum({<GL_NBR={'*90115-*','*90210-*','*90220-*','*90225-*','*90230-*'}>} "GL_BAL_02")

      The latter provides the correct value and there is a distinct difference in the returned value. Is this something to do with my data set? I would assume there would be no difference between the two calculations?