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    Dimension on a chart based on IDs but showing names

    Juan Moreno

      Hi all,


      I have a list of items to display as x-axis on a chart. In my table I have a field for the id and a field for the name of the item (item.id, item.name).


      The ids are unique, but the names are not. So I can have:


      (item.id, item.name) = (1001, 'Name A')

      (item.id, item.name) = (1002, 'Name A')

      (item.id, item.name) = (1003, 'Name A')

      (item.id, item.name) = (1004, 'Name B')

      (item.id, item.name) = (1005, 'Name C')

      On the x-axis I want to show the names of the items. But if I put "item.name" as dimension, in the example I only get three points, because Qlik groups 1001, 1002, 1003 for having the same name.

      How can I make that Qlik uses the ids but displays the names to the user?

      I'm attaching a sketch of what Qlik is doing and what I'm trying to get.