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    Grouping Dimension values & summing them

    scott dealtrey

      I am summing the balances of the five digit GL numbers in the below example.  My goal is to somehow group those separate GL numbers and complete the same calculation. 




      '*90350-*','*90585-*','*90595-*','*90590-*','*90591-*','*90600-*','*90610-*','*90620-*','*90435-*','*90630-*'}>} "GL_BAL_01")


      Those 5 digit numbers represent the GL numbers associated with our operational expenses and I was wondering if there is a way to group them together so I could do calculations with the group, but take up less text in the Expression Editor. I was imagining grouping them as 'Operational' and then doing the same sum calculation.


      sum({<GL_NBR={'*Operational*'}>} "GL_BAL_01")  or something that would return the same value as the above calculation.