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    Sheet Navigation with Specific Chart (Auto Hide and Show)

    Anil Samineni

      Hello World,


      FYI I've attached sample application to test.


      If you notice 2 sheets, there is one called Dashboard one more for Admin Page which should filter from there


      So, If From Admin sheet once we hit Country (Either 1/2/3/4) which should navigate to First sheet and it will get suitable needed.


      Use case - If Country1 select from Country Filter The dashboard should visible only Country1 Which means Remain all should be hide. Till here we are in good. The big challenge here is if we select Country3 from Admin page it should place in Country1 that means (Auto Place order in first place). So, that it should navigate to each like versa.


      Note - There is Submit and Clear button in Admin sheet. This all effects only works when Button Clicked (that means dynamic)


      Free to ask in case, Anything needed from my end. So, far My company Certify these extensions.


      1) Sheet Navigation - Qlik Branch

      2) Show Hide Container - Qlik Branch