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    Help with Qlik Sense multi-node installation

    Rafael Matamoros

      Hi guys,


      I need some help with a multi-node installation on Sense. I would apreciate if someone can guide me to do this.


      My client needs 3 environments:


      1. Production site for published apps only for internal purpose.

      2. Development site for unpublished apps.

      3. Another production site only for specified published apps, not all. Only for some users. These users don't have permission to access to production site One.


      Another requirement is load balance between two production sites and failover control on central node.


      I have a doubt too. It's possible have different urls on every site?


      If i have an app which stores qvds files. What happen if i reload this app on development site or on production site? I want my qvd files on production dont change meanwhile i am changing an app and testing It.


      Many thanks!!