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    Set analysis in a dimension??

    Leo Harper

      Hi all,


      I have the following data sets (simplified for this post)

      Table 1


      Janet P

      David JTeam2
      Peter NTeam1
      Sarah PTeam1
      Michael HTeam2


      Table 2

      Sarah P£33,000£150,000
      Donald T£24,000£147,000
      Janet P£27,000£72,000
      Walter M£26,000£107,000
      David J£32,000£96,000
      Peter N£29,000£47,000
      Donny G£31,000£112,000
      Michael H£28,000£137,000
      Trisha Y£32,000£92,000
      Derek A£33,000£63,000


      I'm using table 2 as the basis for a scatter plot, with Resource as the dimension. Table 1 is used elsewhere in the visualisation, but they are linked via the Resource column in the data manager.


      Is it possible to only show the resources in the scatter plot that appear in table 1, instead of the full set of table 2? I assumed this could be done by set analysis but don't have the skills just yet to make it work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks,