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    Visualization API -measure sorting doesn't work in Qlik Sense Sept release

    Digvijay Singh



      We have one strange bug, , Measure sorting in visualization API is not working in Sept release, anyone has any idea on this?



      It works fine in Nov release.


      This below code works perfectly in nov release but not in sept release


      var objField = {};

                  objField.qLibraryId = "WZuPmc";

                  objField.qType = "measure";

                  objField.qLabel = "";

                  objField.autoSort = false;

                  objField.qSortBy = {};

                  objField.qSortBy.qSortByNumeric = salesperformance.chartorder == -1 ? -1 : 1;



      objHyperCube.qHyperCubeDef.qInterColumnSortOrder = [1,0,2];


      app.visualization.create(chartType, transactionDimensions, objHyperCube).then(function (vis) {


      I shared excerpts of the code, just to indicate that all needed ingredients are present, and it works perfectly in Nov release

      tried without library id , using qDef definition, that also doesn't work.


      Thanks in advance for all the help.