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    Increase percentage in pivot tables

    Anibal Martinez-Sistac

      What I am trying to do is the following: I have a pivot table where as Rows I have a calculated categorical field based on 3 date intervals called Time Period (6 dates are specified through Variable Extension boxes to calculate Time Period), and another categorical variable called Ship Mode. As Columns I have Measures, and this Measures are specifically: Sales, and Profits. The look of my Pivot Table is the following:


      What I would like to do is to create 2 columns called "Increase Sales" and "Increase Profits" where I could calculate percentage increases of sales and profits, but adapted automatically to the dates that the user enters via "Variable Extension" boxes. The logic of the percentage increases would be:


      Before = [(Before-After) / After] x 100

      During = [(During-Before) / Beforel] x 100

      After = [(After-During) / During] x 100


      To reproduce my example in the App I provide as attached file, the dates the user must enter via Variable Extension would be (picture below):

      BeforeMin = 01.05.17

      BeforeMax = 02.05.17

      DuringMin = 03.05.17

      DuringMax = 06.05.17

      AfterMin = 07.05.17

      AfterMax = 08.05.17


      And the result of the desired pivot table look would be:


      I attach a Qlik file 100% reproducible for this question. Thanks in advance for any help Community. Anibal