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    SAP BW Transport fail

    Jay Tsai

      Hi, guys

      I have some problem when I transport my file


      SAP basis release 701

      bw release 701


      i want to use sap sqlconnector to get infoobject


      my SAP  connector version is 6.5

      My question is below

      1.which file should i transport to sap bw system?

        • Re: SAP BW Transport fail
          Hakan Ronningberg



          SAP transports are found in the following folders on the computer, copied there during the installation of the Qlik Connector for SAP: C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\QlikTech\CustomData\QvSAPConnector\Transports.

          There is a separate folder for the BEx and InfoProvider connector transports:

          C:\Program Files\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvBexConnector\Transports.

          Have you copied the transport files from the folders above to the 'cofiles' and 'data' folders on the SAP system server?