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    Accumulated values

    Markus Blaut

      Hi together,


      Please check die following chart and formula. I Would like to have instead of the red marked bars an empty gap. Because I don't have any values for February, March...

      So instead of the accumulated values I would like to see an empty gap.

      Is this possible? Thank you very much for your support!


      Best Markus


      If(FY_2017_IST = '2017',
      (RangeSum(above(Sum({<FY_2017_IST = {'2017'} >} [Ist]),0,rowNo())) ),

      If(FY_2018_IST = '2018',
      (RangeSum(above(Sum({<FY_2018_IST = {'2018'} >} [Ist]),0,rowNo())) ),))