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    LDAP Security in Qlik Sense

    Ricardo Martínez Mena



      I have a development that extract users information.


      First, I have an excel file with the restrictions:


      COUNTRY          GROUP

      ---------------          -----------

      ESP                    ABC

      USA                    DEF



      Additionaly, I have a job that extract information and is combined with the previous excel file:


      GROUP          USERID (UserDirectory field)          ACCESS          REDUCTION

      -----------          ---------------------------------------          ------------          ------------------

      ABC               ABC\usuario                                        USER               ESP

      DEF               DEF\usuario                                        USER               USA



      Later, in mi script I have this:


      section access;








      Section Application;


      All of this, It works perfectly with Active Directory...


      Now, the access is through LDAP and the whole users have the same UserDirectory, and I can´t differenciate the group to apply the security.


      Can I reuse my script or the maximun, with LDAP access?