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    Break the association in concat

    omar bensalem

      Hi all ( stalwar1 )


      In my source, there are dates where sum(Net) and Sum(Gross) are both missing =0; so I want to show the dates where these measures are =0


      here's what I'm doing:


      if(count({<AsOf_Date={"=sum({1}Current_Notional_Gross)=0"}>}AsOf_Date)=0 and count({<AsOf_Date={"=sum({1}Current_Notional_Net)=0"}>}AsOf_Date)=0,'No missing Dates for aggregated Notionals',


      'Missing Dates for Aggregated Notionals (No Data) : '&Concat(aggr(if(sum({1}Current_Notional_Gross)=0 and sum({1}Current_Notional_Net)=0,aggr(only({1}AsOf_Date),AsOf_Date),Null()),AsOf_Date),' ,'))

      It shows the correct result:



      But when I make any selection, it does not show a thing, although I've tried to "break the association" by using aggr(only({1}AsOf_Date),AsOf_Date) instead of AsOf_Date..

      Can u see what I'm missing to always be able to show these dates no matter the selection I make?