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    QlikView and NPrinting: How does NPrinting handle QlikView sheet triggers?

    Michael Wallman



      How does NPrinting handle QlikView sheet triggers?


      I have two types of selection triggers in one app:


      On the QlikView app there is also a document trigger where the entire app has some default selections applied.


      What I want to do is have a trigger on one of my QlikView sheets where when the sheet opens a selection is made already for the user. This is to influence what data is shown in the chart which will be used for NPrinting reports.


      Unfrotunately the set analysis for the chart is humoungous and complex so I was wondering if sheet level triggers are taken into account by NPrinting when working with QlikView.


      Anybody able to answer / help?

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          Matus Kelemen

          Hi Michael,

          there is this info and also some posts here in community saying sheet and document triggers are not supported.


          No mention of it in help though.


          We have it in one app and it works fine. At least it does not mess things up.

          But everything that is set by trigger is also set by NP filters. When there is a difference NP filters override QV trigger.


          What you should do is to set the default selections as filter in NP.

          If you need a chart specific selections then check Object filters - Static and dynamic filters ‒ Qlik NPrinting

          Per user filters are also possible in NP. Creating users with filters and groups ‒ Qlik NPrinting


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              Lech Miszkiewicz



              They are not supported:


              There is info in help:

              Creating connections ‒ Qlik NPrinting

              "Unsupported QlikView documents

              Before you create a connection to a QlikView document, ensure that the QlikView document does not use any of the following:

              • alternate states
              • sheet and document triggers
              • Always one selected list box property

              Qlik NPrinting cannot modify or remove these options. As a result, Qlik NPrinting may not have access to the enitre dataset of the connected QlikView document during the cache generation process, and while generating reports.QlikView documents that use these features, are not supported by Qlik NPrinting. If you want use QlikView documents with these unsupported features, do the following:

              1. Create a copy of the QlikView document.
              2. Remove all alternate states, sheet and document triggers, and the Always one selected list box property from the new QlikView document.
              3. Use the copied QlikView document for reporting purposes."





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