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    How to control expression output by checking Todays date vs another date?

    John Blomqvist



      I want to control a information shown in a gauge based on today's date against a date table.




      Show Dec 2017/18 data only after the PublishDate of 19/02/2018 is reached.


      Or in other words, If Today's date is less than or equal to 19/02/2018 then show Nov 2017/18 data, otherwise show Dec 2017/18 data.

      My PublishDate resides in a table like this:


      Nov 2017/1814/01/2018
      Dec 2017/1819/02/2018

      Jan 2017/18

      Feb 2017/1815/04/2018
      Mar 2017/1818/05/2018


      Does anyone know how to include this inside an aggregation such as count or sum? It is Set Analaysis I think but am a little stuck on how to wrtie it.


      This is a gauge so I have no dimensions, have to do this inside my aggregation expression.