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    Help please - Using peek - Calculate time difference from above record

    Mark Graham

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm trying to create a field with time difference between runners from the above  -

      Group by Tournament, Sorted by Completion time.

      First perosn who has completed will get 'First COmplete' Test.


      Please see attached application.

      Below is my data set and highlighted is my expected output.






      Diff in Hours compared to previous one

      (Excepted field for output)

      XYZK2/1/2018 10:31First complete
      XYZL2/1/2018 13:01

      2.4975 hrs

      XYZM2/1/2018 13:010 hrs
      ABCA1/15/2018 13:02First complete
      ABCD1/15/2018 13:020 hrs
      ABCB1/25/2018 23:02250 hrs




      Any help is highly appreciated!!!


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