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    Subtitle expression.

    ahmad albab

      Hi. May I know why my number of task expression show different value when used in subtitle expression? What is the correct expression?


      It show 43. what i want is 36.5

      • 42+31=73
      • 73/2= 36.5


      Please help. Thanks,




      Expression for number of task:


      =Num(Count({$<[SR No]={"=Min ({<Temp = {'Task_1'}>}[Date Created]) >  MakeDate(2018,1,15)"}>


      *$<Status={'Completed'}>*$<[SR No]-={"''"}> *$<Temp={'Task_1'}>


      *$<[Date Modified.autoCalendar.YearMonth]={">=$(=AddMonths(MonthStart(Today()-20),-11))"}> }


      ([SR No])),'##.0')