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    Bubble Layer with Custom Symbols

    Rakul Alagu


      I m trying to display custom png as symbol but its not getting displayed. I tried placing the image in content folder of Qlik sense documents and then called 'http://localhost:4848/content/default/arrow.png' in URL.

      I have also tried with scale as 1 and rotation as 0, but the image is displayed as blank in map.

      When i tried entering the URL in the browser the image gets displayed with no issue.

      So help me on displaying custom images as symbol in GeoAnalytics Map.




        • Re: Bubble Layer with Custom Symbols
          Jonas Karlsson

          Hi Rakul,

          The image must be accessible to the GeoAnalytics server which means that it will need to be connected to the Internet (if you are not hosting your own GeoAnalytics server). Local URL:s, such as localhost, will not work when using the QGA cloud server.


          A workaround is the article below:

          Custom labels and dynamic symbols in Qlik GeoAnalytics using data URIs


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          Jonas Karlsson