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    Set Analysis in variable

    James Waller



      I have a set analysis expression:

          time( fractile( {<[Year]={$(=Max([Year]))},  [ColA]={`n/a`}>} [ColB], 0.5), `hh:mm`)

      This works when I'm using it in a table and returns as expected

      When I try to place this in my Load script, inside of a variable:

      set vTest = 'time( fractile( {<[Year]={$(=Max([Year]))},  [ColA]={`n/a`}>} [ColB], 0.5), `hh:mm`)';

      n.b. I have replaced ' with ` to keep the string playing nice.

      Replacing my original expression in my table now returns NULL, not the value as expected.

      I have found it is this part of the expression ($(=Max([Year]))) which isn't happy living inside of the variable, could anyone help or advise why this would be?