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    Call Script Function From Macro

    Anurag Bharat


      I am not sure if I am repeating the question, but tried searching the solution in forum could not find it.

      Can any one help me on how I can call a Sub from load script from Macro.


      For example in the Script Window I have this Sub

      //In Script Window

      Sub Test
      let vr='Test Run'; // this is just for example, but originally some calculation to be done in the script

      End Sub

      Now I have a button where I have assigned an action to call a macro. Can I call the above sub with that macro?

      I tried like below

      '***In Macro Window ****


      Sub CallFunctionFromScript()

      Call Test

      End Sub

      But its not working, Every time I click the button the Macro window opens and stops, obviously I am missing something here.

      Please help.