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    Reload Based on selection

    kostis kampouris

      Hello everyone!


      As the title says I want to reload based on the users selections in a date field.


      I read the posts that I found in the community every solution is shown in qv documents which I cant open beacause I have the desktop edition.


      My source is an sql database and the script I have trid so far is


      Select * from table where dt=$(vdate)


      Can someone help please?

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          Stefan Wühl

          Everything put in a SELECT statement will be sent to the DB driver and needs to match the DB syntax.


          So it will depend how you've set the vdate variable and how you need to write the WHERE clause in your DB syntax.

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            Peter Cammaert

            You can create a Calendar object that stores a single selected date from a specific period (use Min / Max fields to set the start and end of your calendar) in a variable. Variable values will survive a reload (if you do not modify them in your script) so if you format your vdate value based on the variable value from your calendar, you will be fine.


            Most databases accept date values in database format i.e. a string formatted as 'YYYY-MM-DD'. If we assume a calendar variable called vCalendarDate, your code could look like:


            LET vdate = text(Date(Date#(vCalendarDate), 'YYYY-MM-DD'));



            SQL SELECT * FROM table WHERE dt = '$(vdate)';





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              Prashant Sangle



              Possible logic could be


              1: create variable in variable overView







              Sql select * from tableName

              where date=$(vReloadDate);


              2: create island master calendar.


              3: In front end Give user to select calendar date and Reload button


              action on Reload button

              1: set Variable

              Name : vReloadDate

              value : =GetFieldSelections(date_from_master_calendar)


              2: Relaod