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    Qlik geoanalytics area layer configuration

    Yannick Allard



      Im having issue using a geojson file to make an geoanalytic area layer. Anyone has some tips for the configuration of the different fields (file location, key attribute, etc.). Im using Qlik Sense Enterprise, november edition.





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          Yannick Allard

          Its fine now, I solved it last week and thought I could share the solution as it is no where to be found on the web.


          Step-by-step configuration guidelines to use GeoJSON file in GeoAnalytics:


          In the ID tab : put the dimension name that matches the JSON key attribute, does not need to be the same name but must have common values.


          In the Location ID Tab : do not put anything.


          In the layer option : just select the correct map id, you can modify the other fields as you wish.


          In the location options tab :

          -Location source = dimension

          - Service URL : Geoanalytics requires your json file to be stored under https as it does not support cross-domain security.

          -Select GeoJSON file in location service Type

          -Source key attribute : the key attribute values of the JSON must match the dimension field values. Lets say your dimension is called my_dim with values in [0,1,2,3,4,5,6], your JSON key attribute can be called my_dimension but have overlapping values (ex: [2,3,4,5,6])

          -Configure the rest of the tab as you see fits


          In the aspect tab :

          under colors : put colors to custom, select measure in the drop down (if you want to color using a measure) then select the measure you want to use. Select your chromatic chart and you are done.


          The same guidelines can be used for any type of layers.