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    Split csv file to mulitple tables

      I have a csv/excel file wich contains multiple datasets

      Is is possible to load that into different qlikview tables( budet,income and employees). ?


      The csv file looks like this:



      cake company;2011;12000

      cake company;2010;15000

      cake company;2009;18000


      2011;cake company;1200

      2010;cake company;15500

      2009;cake company;5000

      2008;cake company;4000

      2007;cake company;3000


      2011; Tom

      2011; Jill



      My initial tough was to load everything into a tmp table, loop and add the header to each line as a extra column.

      then i could resident load into multiple tables where "table_type" = "income" etc.


      Any ideas on how to accomplish this?