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    Choseing value from different tables

    Rachel Zhong

      Hi dear all, I am now wondering would Qlik sense cloud could achieve the function below:

      I want to use the filter function and pivot table to implement a table below:

      Capture 1.PNG

      Now I have two tables:

      One is a table stored historical data, fields including below:


      The other table stored ongoing data which is updated regularly, details are:


      Now according the selection, data are displayed according the selection:

      if it is a historical data, then chose data from historical data, if it is a new record, we will chose data from another table and there will be some calculation.

      For example, field "No of respondent"=count(distinct respondent_No)  if is a new record

         or "No of respondent"= Workshop_Respondents if is historical data

      Other fields are displayed by similar role, any suggestions?? Attached the templates of two tables.


      Thank you!!!