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    NPrinting Server Setup: Confuse with NPrinting Administrator and NPrinting Service Account. PLease help!

    Jim Chan

      Hi guys,


      I am in the mid of installing NPrinting Server.  Now, i am confused with how many accounts need to be created to run the NPrinting.


      Since the server is going to join to a domain - i will request to create a domain nprinting service account, to manage all the nrprinting services.


      Suddenly, as i look through the setup guide. i was stuck at this part - Qlik NPrinting Repository service will add an administrative user with thecredential below. So, it is asking for:

      Adminstrative username:

      email address:


      repeat password:


      1) Is this a local adminstrator account? or domain windows administrator account?

      2) why need an email address? if need an email address? does it means i cant use back the domain service account?