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    Can't log in to Sense by Domain Name from external networks

    Jorge Erebitis

      Hi all, I'm search a solution for my issue for days, but without success, the scenario as that follow:


      I can access and log in on Qlik Sense Hub and QMC by IP number from external network

      I can access and log in on Qlik Sense QMC by domain name (e.g. qlik.monaco.cl/qmc)


      I can access but NOT log in on Qlik Sense Hub by domain name  (e.g.. qlik.monaco.cl/hub). Qlik show their (user / password) log in screen, after enter correct data, this error is shown:


      Error 1 qlik1.jpg

      Is in spanish, but say: "The connection to the qlik engine has failed for unspecified reasons. Update your browser or contact the systems administrator"

      I have set up in Virtual Proxies the Host White list with the public IP and Domain name (i.e. http:\\qlik.monaco.cl  https:\\qlik.monaco.cl)

      Any idea how I can solve this issue?

      Thaks for advance.