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    Qlikview can't communicate with R (SSE Plugin)

    Frederico Barracha

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having problems installing the R plugin (Link: sse-r-plugin/GetStarted.md at master · qlik-oss/sse-r-plugin · GitHub) in the client machine.


      I've installed R, Rstudio, the Rserve library and I downloaded the plugin.

      I've launched everything manually (first the Rserve and then the SSE), I updated the settings.ini in the AppData Folder, also in the Qlikview Server as well, I stoped and started the services, and nothing, there is no single line passing through the SSE.


      The client has another machine (built for the purpose of testings with the data science team) and the settings are the same, everything looks the same, but in that machine it runs.


      I've also done the installation in my local machine (for the purpose of testing) and everything runs perfectly.

      Can anyone point me towards problems I could have ?

      Thank you!

      Best regards!