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    Qlik sense desktop holding the session variables

    Santosh Chavan

      Hello All,



      I'm writing a script to load current month from the variable in the load script in Qlik desktop, it works fine,

      but the problem is even when I tried to comment the code as below it still holds the value in it.


      Let vCurrentMonth = Peek('Qvd_vCurrentMonth',vRecordNo-1,'vCurrentMonth');



      //Let current month = Peek('Qvd_vCurrentMonth',vRecordNo-1,'vCurrentMonth');


      I tried going to Dev tools removed the local storage, session, and cache but nothing works.


      I just found this error,


      Failed to clear temp storage: It was determined that certain files are unsafe for access within a Web application, or that too many calls are being made on file resources. SecurityError



      Please help me to resolve this issue.