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    Value in dimension disappears due to measure

    Justin Dallas

      TL;DR How do I make a dimension show when it's measure is null/undefined


      Hello Folks,


      I have a table with three dimensions (OrderId, Charge, ParentOrderId) and a Measure (=SUM({1<parentOrderId = P({$}orderId)>} charge)).  My data has a row whereby the ParentOrderId is null, and for whatever reason, that Order doesn't appear in my table unless I delete my measure.  Why is this?  I've never thought of it till now, so I assume it was just something I knew without asking questions.





      My test data looks like so:


      //Getting a null while doing an inline Load is difficult,
      //so I have to do magic like this
      LOAD orderId, If(parentOrderId = '-', Null(), parentOrderId ) AS 'parentOrderId'
      LOAD * Inline
      orderId, parentOrderId
          1, '-'
          2, 1
          3, 1
      LOAD * Inline
      orderId, charge
          1 , 150
          2 , 50
          3 , 25



      Any explanation is welcome.