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    Merging Data into a field

      Hello everyone,


      Is it possible to take two text fields and map them together


      e.g. Item + product = itemproduct so it produces a unique field to map against in another table (which i've created separately)


      these are in two separate tables












      so every time audi and car appear it is audicar


      Thank you for your time

        • Merging Data into a field


          item&product as itemproduct

            • Merging Data into a field

              Thanks for your reply. Where would I put this syntax? Will this work for two different tables?


              Table 1 has the item in and table 2 has the product in.

                • Merging Data into a field

                  I guess not. It's working only these field in 1 table. So i think you should join these 2 tables.

                  Give us some example or something.

                    • Re: Merging Data into a field

                      one table has departments and amounts, and the other has industry codes in and i've created this table below. what I need is department and industry codes so I can map it to other tables as a unique identifier. at the moment there is no unique id that says FRT and CAR= FRT commercial


                      The idea is to select FRT commercial and just get a total of all the FRT commercial. problem is that when I select FRT commercial now I get the total of FRT and any industry that has aviation car cater charity in it (i.e. a total of everything)




                      DepartmentIndustry CodeIndustry DescriptionNew Department
                      FRTAVIATIONFRTAVIATIONAviation - NOT OPERATORSFRT Commercial
                      FRTCARFRTCARCar / Motor-related Co sFRT Commercial
                      FRTCATERFRTCATERCateringFRT Commercial
                      FRTCHARITYFRTCHARITYCharities and foundationsFRT Government
                      FRTTCAVIATIONFRTTCAVIATIONAviation - NOT OPERATORSFRT Time Critical
                      FRTTCCARFRTTCCARCar / Motor-related Co sFRT Time Critical
                      FRTTCCATERFRTTCCATERCateringFRT Time Critical
                      FRTTCCHARITYFRTTCCHARITYCharities and foundationsFRT Time Critical
                      CADAVIATIONCADAVIATIONAviation - NOT OPERATORSCJ Other
                      CADCARCADCARCar / Motor-related Co sCJ Other
                      CADCATERCADCATERCateringCJ Other
                      CADCHARITYCADCHARITYCharities and foundationsCJ Other
                      EADCAREADCARCar / Motor-related Co sPJ ADHOC
                      EADCATEREADCATERCateringPJ ADHOC
                      EADCHARITYEADCHARITYCharities and foundationsPJ ADHOC