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    Make a data point stand out consistantly

    robin stacpoole

      Hi chaps.  I am creating an industry structure review.  Using world bank data, I have multiple sheets to show global countries relative position.  I want to be able to have, say Kenya, standout in all sheets (perhaps as a different colour or size?).  Is this possible, if so how.  So to make this real with a concrete example.  In one sheet I have a scatter plot on the top and a bar chart on the bottom.  The scatter shows country GDP vs country population.  The bar chart shows per capita GDP.  How can I locate Kenya in both in such a way that I can see it in comparison to its data set (so I am acknowledging that I can select Kenya on its own, but then I lose all the other countries comparison)?  I ideally want this selection to continue into the next sheet which has different country attributes, but within which I still want to see Kenya's comparative position.  Can you give me any guidance as to how to do this?