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    Using NPrinting 17.6 (November) getting error using formula in Task Filter

    Judy Balock



      We're using QlikSense 3.2 R2 and NPrinting 17.6, and I'm trying to create a dynamic task filter so I don't have to update the filter values every week. My formula works correctly in the app (shows last week's week number concatenated to the year), but when I try to use in the NPrinting task, I get this error:


      Execution for task b2a113d5-dabc-407f-9bbd-9e56d2bb2dea failed for an exception System.Exception: Failure Filter Materialization, fields with formula: F\WeekYear - Sunday Start'. No report will be generated.


      I searched the discussions here, and read the Release documentation, though I could only find June's. My formula is:


      =(([Week - Sunday Start])-1)&'-'&[Year] 


      I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone might have; I'm hoping it's something stupid in my formula.