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    Sintetic key

    Mario Francisco Celleri

      Hi guys; I need your help.


      How to resolve the sintetic key that was create after load data.


      I have a calendar (Calendario), Machine (Maquina), Employee (Empleado), Production (Tejido) and Nominal Load Machine (Carga Nominal); I don't understand why that synthetic key No.3 is created; if the employee and machine tables are totally different


      I attached a image with my problem.


      I'm very new using Qlik sense.


      Thanks and regards.qlik.png

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          David Forest

          too small to read everything; short answer is that Qlik automatically joins tables based on the names of the fields. If more than one field exists in a table it creates a synthetic key to make the join on a single field.

          This is technically fine and the data should filter as you would expect; if the keys are valid.

          To prevent a join, alias the field name.

          To resolve the synthetic key, create a table key on which to join your tables. I use Hash128, function as it allows multiple fields and creates a unique key; its not anything you would display. Only ONE of the tables should retain the fields in the Hash128 key for display purposes.