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    Can I replicate "installation + migration" of Qlik Sense on Server on my personal machine?

    Akshay Bhatkar

      I'm fairly new to using Qlik Sense and want to learn about the work a Qlik Sense admin will have to perform.


      My personal machine is 16GB i5 which is far less in configuration to the Server - 100 GB, 16 cores.


      I want to replicate the process of installing Qlik sense and migrating only a few apps from an existing server to Qlik Sense on my local machine.

      I want to do this to get thorough with the process of "installation + migration".


      I have a list of questions which are as below:


      1. Can I do it with Qlik Sense Desktop version? If not, can I do it with Enterprise version?

      2. Is it possible with the configuration of my laptop?

      3. If installation is possible, can I use the same license key as the one used for the Enterprise version on the server?

      4. Migration would involve the process of migrating certificates, repository, apps and everything that one needs to migrate on the server.


      Would this be possible for my local machine?


      If this is not a feasible option, can you recommend any other way I can learn about the "installation + migration" process?