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    How do I turn my electricity usage data into a daily graph?

      Hello QC,

         This is my first post so I hope I can get my problem across accurately. My company has a commitment to show it's environmental impact and one of these includes graphically showing our daily electricity usage. I have attached the spreadsheet which I download monthly from our electricity supplier (Scottish Power). On the first tab is the type of graph I would like display in Qlikview, you can see how I have selected the row of 1/2 hourly values for a given day and plotted the values (I have used the column headers as the axis text)

      Output Required.jpg

      In Qlikview I would like to be able to have a selection box showing the dates available and when a date is selected the daily usage is shown.


      Is this possible, or has Qlikview met it's match with this spreadsheet layout?